Chocolate tofu frosting -lf

Yield: 32 Servings

Measure Ingredient
6 ounces Semisweet chocolate chips; or one cup
1 \N Box Tofu Mori-nu ex-firm lowfat or 12.3oz shelf-stable tofu
2 tablespoons Rum; see pantry
1 tablespoon Vanilla

1. Pour chocolate into a microwave safe bowl. Heat in a microwave oven on half power until chocolate is soft, 2 to 2+½ minutes.

2. Meanwhile in a blender combine tofu, rum and vanilla. Whirl until smoothly pureed.

3. Stir chocolate until smooth. Scrape into blender with tofu mixture.

Whirl until smoothly pureed. Pour into a bowl and nest in ice water. Stir often until frosting is cold, 10 to 12 minutes. Use or cover airtight and chill up to 2 days, stir before spreading.

MAKES 2 cups; enough for a 2-layer 8- or 9-inch cake, a 9- by 13-inch cake, or 2 dozen cupcakes.

PANTRY: run, orange or coffee flavor liqueur, or water may be used to flavor the frosting.

[PER TABLESPOON: 39 cal, 40% cff (19cal) with regular tofu. 29 cals, 49%cff (14 cals) with low fat tofu.]

NOTES : Lori Peterkin of Albuquerque uses high-protein, shelf-stable tofu (nonrefrigerated) instead of butter in chocolate frosting. The frosting is so smooth, cool, and creamy that her kids also like it as a pudding. Enough for 2-dozen cupcakes. Time: 20 mins plus chill time. *Recipe taken from the "Kitchen Cabinet" column of Reader's Recipes tested in Sunset's kitchens.

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