Chinese bbq sauce #1

Yield: 2 pounds

Measure Ingredient
¼ cup Soy sauce
¼ cup Hoisin sauce
\N \N - teri chesser 3/6/95
2 tablespoons Sake or DRY sherry
1 \N Small crushed garlic clove

This can be used for chicken wings or pork ribs. Cut wings at joints, as for buffalo wings. Have butcher cut ribs in half horizontally so they are about 3" long. Cut rack into pieces of 2 ribs each.

Mix marinade ingredients together. Marinate chicken wings and/or pork ribs and refrigerate for 2 hours in plastic bag, turning every so often.

To cook: Arrange in foil lined broiler pan, meaty side up. Brush with marinade. Cover with heavy duty foil and cook at 325 for 45 minutes. Remove foil, brush with marinade. Cook uncovered, brushing with marinade occasionally, until done. Wings will take about 20 minutes, ribs about 45 minutes. Do not over cook, the outside will get too dark and crunchy.

Submitted By TERI CHESSER On 03-06-95

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