Champagne gelee'

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
16 ounces Champagne
6 ounces Water
9 ounces Sorbet syrup
½ tablespoon Grand marnier
⅔ ounce Plain gelatin
6 ounces Water

FIRST: To Bloom Gelatin- Mix the 6 oz cold water with the plain gelatin in a small bowl let the gelatin bloom for 10 minutes. dissolve over a double boiler not over 110* F

1. Mix champagne with water & sorbet syrup.

2. combine with the bloomed & dissolved gelatin.

3. Pour ⅔ the way up a "catalina margarita glass or wide champagne glass.

4. let set in ice box.

NOTES : For Serving: Place thin sliced fresh fruit on top of the gelee, a small scoop of sorbet if available. Very elegant & lower in fat recipe! Great for a fancy dinner party, looks like a glass of champagne with fresh fruit!!

Recipe by: S.C.I. - Jamie, Az.

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