Canned tomatoes

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 each Boiling water bath canner
1 each Rack
1 each Lid for canner
1 each Quart jar
1 each Wide mouth funnel
1 each Jar lifter or tongs
1 each Timer
1 each Plastic or wooden knife
1 each Cooling rack or towel
1 each Damp cloth
1 each Lid for quart jar
1 each Band for quart jar
3 pounds Fresh tomatoes



EQUIPMENT: Boiling water bath canner should be deep enough that with the rack on the bottom, jars have room for at least 2 inches of water over the tops. The rack is necessary because if the jars sit on the bottom of the canner they could break during the boiling time of processing. The lid is needed to keep water boiling gently without evaporating before canning time is up. Use 1 quart or 2 pint jars for each 3 pounds of fresh tomatoes to be canned. The wide mouth funnel helps keep the rims of the jars cleaner as you fill them. Use the jar lifter or tongs to lift the hot jars from the canner at the end of the processing time without burning yourself. The timer is very important to process the food for the correct amount of time in order for the jars to seal properly and to keep the food from spoiling after canning. Use the plastic or wooden knife to free any bubbles from the jars to keep food from spoiling after canning. Make sure it is long enough to reach the bottom of the jar you are using. Use a wire cooling rack or folded towels to protect both the hot jars and whatever surface they are set on to cool. Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe the rims of the jars so they are thoroughly clean before putting on clean, warm lids so the jars will seal properly.

BASIC STEPS: 1. Thoroughly clean and set out all equipment before beginning. 2. Make sure to inspect jars carefully and discard any with nicks in the rim or cracks, or food will not seal properly and jars may break during processing. Keep jars, lids and bands hot in a pan of hot water. 3. Prepare the tomatoes for canning.

2-½ to 3-½ lbs fresh tomatoes yields 1 quart canned 30 pounds (1 lug) yields 10 quarts 53 pounds (1 bushel) yields 15 to 20 quarts PROCEDURE: 1. Choose fresh, firm, red-ripe perfect tomatoes. Be sure they have no black spots, cracks, or soft spots. Imperfections could harbor microorganisms that are harmful. Prepare only enough tomatoes at one time for 1 canner full. 2. In a large saucepan heat several inches of water to boiling. Wash and core tomatoes. Use a slotted spoon and dip tomatoes into water for 1 minute or until skin breaks.

Remove from boiling water and dip into cold, or set aside while you finish dipping the rest of the tomatoes into the boiling water to loosen skins. When cool enough to handle, slip off skins. 3. Pack the tomatoes into the jars, pressing each one gently into jar so that juice rises around it keeping air bubbles from forming. Fill jars only to within ½ inch of top to leave room for expansion during processing without popping off lids. By gently pressing down the tomatoes as you go, you should create enough juice so that you do not need to add any water to finish filling the jar. If any air bubbles remain after jar is filled, use non-metal thin tool down side of jar to release bubbles. 4. Carefully wipe rim of jar with clean damp cloth to make sure it is very clean before putting on lids and bands.

5. Put on lids and bands, carefully place on rack in canner so that jars do not touch each other or bump into the side of the canner.

Add hot water to 2 inches above tops of jars. 6. Cover canner and bring canner to gentle, rolling boil and set timer for 35 minutes for pint jars or 45 minutes for quarts. Adjust heat during the processing so that the water boils gently but steadily. Have a pan of extra hot water on stove so that if the water evaporates during the processing time, you can add boiling water to keep at least 1 inch over tops of jars at all times. 7. When the processing time is up, carefully lift jars out of canner and place jars several inches apart on rack or folded towels in a place without drafts to cool.

Very important not to have

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====================================================================== ==== ==== <<***** Split Message. Part 2 Of 2 *****>> a cold draft on the hot jars or they may break with the sudden temperature change.

Let cool, undisturbed for 12 hours, do not cover, do not tip jars when moving them from canner to cooling space or food will touch lids and cause them not to seal. 8. When jars are completely cool, remove screw bands and check to make sure lids are depressed and there is no leakage if jars are tipped. If the center of the lid can be pressed down or there is any leakage when jar is tipped, place jar in refrigerator and use immediately, or pour into another hot, clean jar and reprocess. If jars are sealed, wipe with clean damp cloth, label and store in cool dry place where they won't freeze. You can put into boxes with lids to protect them from light. Submitted By DOROTHY FLATMAN On 06-16-95

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