Buckwheat applesauce bread

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 pack Yeast
⅜ cup Buckwheat flour
2⅝ Bread flour
¾ cup Applesauce
Tblsp vegetable oil
1½ teaspoon Salt
¾ cup Water; Adjust To Your Needs

throw in and bake

for 2 cup bread makers - but I've adjusted them for 3 cups.

From "Blue Ribbon Breads", by May Ward and Carol Stine, published by Hodgson Mill.

Jan From: tessi!uunet!mailrus!uflorida!rm1!jan (Jan Cranny) From: Bread-Bakers Archives: ftp.best.com/pub/reggie/archives/bread/recipe

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