Bob wilson's boiled rice

Yield: 1 servings

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First forget all you have been told about how to cook rice, it's wrong. Follow these simple instructions and you will produce perfect fluffy rice every time.

You need normal long grain rice, I personally use Jasmine rice as I like the taste. Wash the rice very well in running water, bring a pan full of water to the boil, add one teaspoon of salt and a couple of shakes of cooking oil, add the rice, slowly bring back to a boil, then boil for *exactly* ten minutes, drain and leave to cool, not in the fridge. This can then be used to make perfect fried rice.

If not making fried rice after the rice has boiled for *exactly* ten minutes, put rice in a sieve, add a couple of inches of boiling water in the pan bring back to the boil, place sieve containing the rice over the pan cover with the lid and steam for *exactly* eight minutes.

For a slightly aldante rice steam for less time.

I hope this is of help and your next batch of rice is to your liking, let me know what you think when you have tried it.

Submitted By BOB WILSON On 01-11-95

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