Bev's truffles

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
8 ounces Dark or Light CHOCOLATE
1 tablespoon BUTTER
2½ tablespoon CHAMBORD; or COGNAC (or your choice)

Scald Cream & Butter together (45 sec in Radar Range) Stir to Melt chopped Chocolate when smooth, mix in Scalded Cream and butter When smooth, mix in Booze Pour in small bowl, let firm up at room temp, Form into balls w/scoop Let sit overnight on waxed paper to firm (Reform balls if necessary) Dip in Dark or Light melted CHOCOLATE COATING ~-Use dipping fork to dip balls ~-Always use double boiler "off" the stove Heat water in bottom, take off stove and then put double boiler top filled with finely chopped coating on the bottom to melt

~-Do not cover melting chocolate, or it will form steam ~-Do not get even ONE drop of liquid into chocolate ~-Do not overheat Chocolate

~-Use good quality chocolate

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