Beef fondue

Yield: 6 servings

Measure Ingredient
1½ \N To 2 lb beef sirloin/filet/round steaks
4 cups Vegetable oil/peanut oil

Cut the meat into ¾ inch cubes and arrange on plates. Cover and refrigerate until serving. Fill fondue pot half full with oil. A flavorless, odorless oil is recommended-not butter or margarine, whose smoking point is too low, or olive oil. Don't mix oils either because a mixture tends to splatter. Heat the oil in the kitchen until it reaches the smoking point: the moment the fat becomes still and starts to smoke. Move the pot, carefully, to table top burner. Put a piece of meat on a fondue fork, dip into oil and leave in pot until it is cooked to personal preference. Remove and let cool slightly.

Dip in sauce and eat. Bernaise, barbecue, picante, curry, horseradish, sweet and sour and cheese sauces are good dipping sauces for meat fondue, as well as flavored mustard and guacamole.

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