Beef kotlety

Yield: 6 servings

Measure Ingredient
3 slices White bread, stale, thick,
& crusty
Salt; to taste
Pepper; to taste
⅓ cup Bread crumbs; fine dry
1 pounds Ground beef, lean
1 medium Onion; peeled and minced
Butter or vegetable oil; for frying
3 tablespoons Sour cream; at room temperature

Recipe by: The Eastern European Cookbook-ISBN 0-486-23562-9 Soak the bread in milk to cover for about 20 mins, or until bread is softened. Squeeze bread dry and mix bread with beef. Put through a meat grinder or mix very well. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Add onion, salt and pepper and mix well. Shape into flattend oval patties and roll in bread crumbs. Fry in heated butter, margarine or oil until cutlets are cooked through and golden and crisp on the outside. Remove to a warm plate and keep warm.

Scrape drippings in the pan and stir in sour cream. Leave on stove long enough to heat through. Spoon over cutlets. Serves 6.

NOTES: In Russia, everyday dishes are made wikth ground meat mixtures : prepared and served various ways. Tiny meataballs served with : sauces as appetizers or entrees are called bitky. The so-called

: Russian hamburgers, kotletky, aare characteristic everyday : restaurant and family fare. Kotletky differ from American : hamburgers in that kotletky are golden and crisp on the outside

: and moist and tender on the inside. In Russian restaurants, they

: are served plain or with sour cream, mushroom or tomato sauce and

: accompanied by kasha, macaroni or potatoes.

From: Dan Klepach

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