Bear's buffaloo wings

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
40 pounds Chicken wings
1 gallon Texas pete; Crystal, you know hot sauce
2 \N Sticks butter
¼ cup Fresh ground pepper
½ \N Jar Marie's Blue Cheese dressing; (up to 3/4)
\N \N Salt to taste; (I swear it's always been just so much in my hand)

Cut the 40lb of wings up. Drumette, middle section, tip Ahemm discard tips or make into stock.

Deep fry the wings until the outside is chewy. You can flour the wings if ya want a lil crust. Wings should be safely edible at this point.

In a pot melt butter add everything but dressing.

Bring up to a good simmer add dressing. Cook until cheese lumps dissolve to an even texture (you can still have small bb size or bigger lumps) The addition of more or less dressing will increase or decrease the heat of the wings to a point. Some should always be used. If ya want it hotter add some habeneros, it's your life.

Sauce the wings (tupperware bowl with lid and shake, individually with tongs, in a bag, in a garbage can all at once, in a garbage bag all at once, you get the idea)

Smoker should be going, I also did this for years on the brinkman bullet ( no water pan grill on top charcoal pan at lowest height) put in wings at 200 to 300 degrees and smoke with MESQUITE until sauce it totally adhered to the wings. You can touch them without getting a totally sauce covered finger.

Serve with Blue cheese dressing (Marie's is the best I've had) for dipping.

I don't bother cutting up no damn celery. Eat more wings.

I hope whoever tries them enjoys them as much as my people do.

Posted to bbq-digest by Bear <bear@...> on Jan 15, 1997

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