Barbecued pacific salmon

Yield: 1 salmon

Measure Ingredient
1 Whole salmon


Savour the smoky flavour of whole barbequed salmon. Here's an easy handling technique. Summer garden stuffing is a wonderful Salmon stuffing.


Rinse salmon under cold running water and pat dry inside and out.

Sprinkle the cavity with salt, pepper, and lemon juice. If desired stuff lightly, skewer and lace closed. Rub generously with softened butter. Tear off double thickness of heavy duty foil as long as and at list twice the width of the salmon. Oil one side. Punch numerous pencil holes through the foil. Over hot coals, place foil flat on grill, oiled side up. Place salmon on foil. Measure at thickest point, allow 12 to 15 min. per inch total cooking time. Halfway through the cooking time, gather long edges of foil together to form a "handle". Grip handle, flip salmon, reopen foil for rest of cooking time. Fork test for doneneess along both sides of the backbone at thickest point. Juices should run clear and flesh should be opaque.

Source/Author: Fisheries council of B.C. / type Bob Shiells Notes:

See Summer Garden Stuffing for a flavourful salmon stuffing.

Submitted By BOB SHIELLS On 07-04-95

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