Baby doe's cheese soup

Yield: 6 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 large Bottle, Cheese Whiz
6 ounces Cornstarch
2 quarts Milk, reserve 2 cups
½ ounce Worcestershire sauce
¼ ounce Tabasco sauce
¼ pounds Bacon, diced, cooked,
½ cup Onions, sauteed
12 ounces Can beer
4 tablespoons Chicken bouillon

Heat milk in a double boiler until warm, not boiling. When milk is steaming, add chicken boullon, worcestershire, and tobasco. Cook off bacon until brown, not crisp, add onion and sautee. Add corn starch that has been blended with two (2) cups of reserved milk. Stir until cornstarch has been cooked into soup. (thick) Add cheese, beer, and garnish with parsley. Walt

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