Ann's leftover spaghette salad

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
½ pack Spaghetti; (broken in half) cooked "al dente" and chilled
1 Bottle HV Bacon Ranch dressing
2 cans Cooked chicken; (drained)
½ A whole kilbalsa; (chopped into little pieces)
1 bunch Green onions chopped; (chives and all)
1/ c dried chopped onions; (hydrated before you mix together)
½ pack Chopped turkey ham luncheon meat; (sliced in pieces)
Extra sharp cheddar cheese; (cubed) add this until you think you have enough for your taste.

I mixed all the ingrediants together in a large bowl. Chilled over night so that the flavors mix.

Posted to TNT Recipes Digest by younga@... (Young, Ann) on Mar 04, 1998

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