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Ptarmigan is a white feathered northern cousin to the partridge and grouse. It is quite a bit smaller than them. They may be cooked as for grouse, quail or Cornish Game Hen.

Locally the usual method of dressing them is to skin them not pluck them and to reserve the breasts, drumsticks and giblets only. I accumulate hearts, livers and gizzards separately in 3 bags in the deep freeze until I have enough to make a meal of them. Most of the recipes in my collection are for boneless breasts. The drumsticks are usually marinaded in a Teriyaki sauce and then panfried or treated as for chicken Hot Wings.

Alternatively the entire carcass with the breast removed together with the heart and gizzard but not the liver can go to the stock pot.

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Submitted By JIM WELLER On 09-04-95

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