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Veal is the most delicious, lamb soft and lacking in flavor but excellent for grilling, beef the strongest flavored [needs lots of soaking in salt water before cooking] and pork the cheapest.

Any white membrane should be removed with scissors before washing and soaking. Soak kidneys in cold salted water for two hours to remove off flavors. Then they can be blanched briefly in boiling water before further cooking.

Veal and lamb should not be overcooked; they may be pink in their centres. Beef can be tough and responds well to moist methods such as stewing and casseroling.

If kidneys are of the best quality the pan juices may be used in sauces; otherwise discard the juices if they have any off smell.

Avoid boiling kidneys in the sauce or prolonged high heat as this toughens them.

They can be sauteed in butter, baked, stuffed with dressing and baked/ roasted, broiled, skewered and broiled/grilled [En Brochette], casseroled with mushrooms or stewed and served on noodles or toast.

They have a great affinity for mushrooms, wine sauces and mustard and are great in a mixed grill or an Irish breakfast.

Submitted By JIM WELLER On 08-26-95

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