7-layer salad

Yield: 8 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 \N Head lettuce; torn into pieces
1½ cup Celery; chopped
1 cup Onion; chopped
1½ cup Peas
1 pounds Bacon; cooked and crumbled
½ pounds Cheddar cheese; grated or shredded
\N \N Miracle whip
\N \N Milk

From: Susie <ssarge@...>

Date: Sun, 04 Aug 1996 06:33:47 -0700 Mix the milk and miracle whip together to get a consistency of thick salad dressing. Set aside.

layer: Lettuce, celery, onions, peas, miracle whip/milk mixture, cheese, bacon pieces.

Refrigerate overnight. You can vary the quantities of all the ingredients to suit you. You could also add a layer of ripe olives or something. The only layers that need to be in order are the lettuce, salad dressing mix, and topped with the cheese and bacon. The celery, onions, peas, etc.

doesn't really matter the order they are in. Ripe olives I would put on top with the cheese and bacon layer.

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