What fats do in cooking

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Measure Ingredient
\N \N many foods; release fat-soluble
\N \N coats food, flavor components
\N \N giving it a good
\N \N mouth-feel
\N \N flour
\N \N provides air purees
\N \N pocket for gases
\N \N to fill
\N \N melting point
\N \N makes cookies
\N \N spread
\N \N water
\N \N food from
\N \N sticking


Role Fat Plays What This Means Replacement Possibilities adds and dissolves and strong non-fat flavoring carries carries flavor such as spices, herbs, flavors components of vinegars; alcohol also tenderizes cuts gluten sugar in any form baked goods development in leavens doughs when creamed thick ingredients like and batters with sugar, egg whites and fruit creates spaces holds spaces no real replacement in flaky between layers pastry of dough

shapes cookies a fat with a low no real replacement thickens creates an vegetable purees sauces emulsion with prevents coats pots and nonstick pans, cooking sticking pans to keep sprays conducts heat surronds food no real replacement in frying and with enough heat sauteing to brown it

prevents coats proteins starch, such as flour or sauces from to keep them cornstarch curdling from bonding

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Oct-Nov 1995

Submitted By DIANE LAZARUS On 11-12-95

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