Welsh bake stones (welsh cakes)

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 pounds Self-rising Flour
8 ounces Butter or Margarine
6 ounces Sultanas; (may substitute Raisins) (up to 8)
2 larges Eggs; beaten
\N \N Sugar to taste; (about one handful)
\N \N Milk & Water mixed; (to bind the mix as required)

At the end of each month, The Cook & Kitchen Staff select some of the best recipes sent to Recipe-a-Day during the month, and post them to the entire membership. Today's offering is from Recipe-a-Day member Colin D.

Colin informed The Kitchen Staff that today's recipe was originally cooked on a hot, flat stone, hence the name. Nowadays, the recipe is prepared on a "flat iron plate or griddle on the top of a hot- plate or gas ring cooker." In a large mixing bowl combine the flour, butter or margarine, sultanas, eggs, and sugar. Add enough liquid to the mixture to make a soft rolling dough.

Roll out on a floured surface to about ½-inch thick. Cut out using a 2-inch round pastry cutter.

Cook gently on a lightly greased hot griddle until lightly brown on the underside. Turn over and cook the other side until done. Allow to cool (if they get the chance), and store in an airtight tin. Eat as they are, or open and spread with butter while warm.

Please note, it's natural for the cooking process to make them rise slightly and they will seem to dry out at the edges.

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