Watercress basics & an orange chicory walnu

Yield: 2 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 bunch Watercress leaves
1 \N Orange -- cut into supremes
\N \N Chicory
\N \N Walnut pieces
\N \N Classic French vinaigrette

"Preparation is a doddle" SPRIGS - you simply slice off the top half, complete with a couple of inches of stalk (the rest can be saved to flavor vegetable stocks or soups) LEAVES, NO STALKS - you simply slash them off clean from the top.

Watercress is best used as quickly as possible, but to prolong its vigor, STORE it in the fridge, with the leaves plunged head down into a bowl of cold water and the stalks waggling upward. I find this the best way to keep it bright and dandy. Watercress is a king among garnishes and should always be used with generosity. It brings an instant flash of perky color to just about any plate of food, with the added bonusthat it contributes a distinct, fresh taste that complements not only roast game, but fish, eggs and cheese, as well.

In salads, it introduces a PEPPERY taste that is every bit as appetizing as the ubiquitous arugula. One of my favorites is a combination of watercress, orange, chicory and walnuts tossed with a little French dressing. Of course, watercress is much more than just a garnish or a salad green.... It's also an ingredient for soups and sauces.

Recipe By : Sophie Grigson. Bon Appetit, August, 1996

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