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Oh, but there IS a partially low-fat/VLF vegetarian restaurant in the Washington D.C. area! It's called the Vegetable Garden. Located in Rockville, it is directly across from the White Flint metro station on Rockville Pike, just down the street from White Flint Mall and Fresh Fields (which also offers many vegetarian options with its deli selection, though they are not necessarily super low fat).

This restaurant has been out of business for six months since they recently moved from the mall to its new location. They are a completely vegan Chinese restaurant specializing in fake meats. If you had ever been to them in their previous location, be prepared for some major changes in their menu. They have a whole section of "oil-free" dishes, none of which I have ever tried unfortunately.

They have some very unusual dishes. If you are a mushroom fan, I urge you to try the Hen of the Woods dishes (it's a type of mushroom that looks similar to oyster, but that are crunchy and firm!).

The restaurant only offers brown rice, and does not have fortune cookies. They serve good water, have a juice bar for fresh juices (I believe) and they offer Tofutti desserts.

I wish I could visit them more often. I will miss then when I move out of state.

There are also two fairly new raw foods restaurants, which are probably good places to try and find low fat options. Green City is one, which is in Bethesda, and Garden of Delights or something very similar, which is in Georgetown.

Vegetarian restaurants are prolific in the D.C. area. Due to PETA being in the area, all of the restaurants that offer selections will have a "V" sticker in the window/door, which advertise that they "carry vegetarian meals."

Good luck! Tara

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