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I've been to the Delights of the Garden here in Washington, DC. I don't want to burst any bubbles, but their food, while very tasty in general, is not exactly fat-free - the dishes I had there were all doused liberally with oil. I suppose you could ask them to hold the oil, but we found that the service is very 'casual' and sometimes it takes several tries to get a 'normal' order right there. Also, some of the dishes are centered around ground nuts - another vlf no-no. We found it hard to determine which items were 'legal' on the menu.

We've had better luck with The Green City Market and Cafe, which is owned by the guy who inspired the Delights people in the first place.

Green City serves deli-style, and the ingredients are all listed in plain view for each item. There are many vlf choices, and they serve both raw and cooked items, all vegan of course. Green City is in Bethesda, MD. Also, the food at Delights is somewhat expensive - considering that it's uncooked vegetables. I think your best bet is to get their cookbook and modify the recipes for use at home.

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