Using an espresso machine for scrambled eggs

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Hello folks!

I asked a while ago if anyone knew how the west coast was using the steam wand from an espresso machine to cook eggs. I said I thought you would wind up with egg soup.

Color me surprised.

Seeing no answers, I took my little stainless steel pitcher, put about a ¼" of skim milk in it, a couple twists of the salt and pepper grinders, three packs of Mickey D's Baco-Bits (Shirley brings 'em home from her weekly lunch there), and an egg.

I put a little water in the machine, twisted the foaming knob and brought the pitcher up to the wand. The mixture started to thicken shortly and when it seemed firm I stopped cooking.

With just a little trepidation I tried the stuff, and found I had a great scrambled egg! Moist and delicious, with hardly any moisture in the bottom. I ate the egg right in the pitcher, but if I had dumped it out on a plate there would have been no liquid to speak of. Far from egg soup! I haven't cleaned up yet, so I don't know how bad that will be - but there is just the wand's rubber covering hood (it slides off - never mind guys!), a spoon and the SS pitcher.

I'll bet people all over the world are reeling from the thought that Burt Ford actually cooked something on his own, simple as it was, without a recipe!

It was fun! I'll do more!

'Til we read again. Burt


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From : Burton Ford 1:260/621 Tue 01 Aug 95 15:33

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