Turkish rolled sandwich with goat and blue cheese

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
2 \N Sheets mahouk/lavash flat bread
\N \N Kid leg - to be bored
200 grams Picos blue/ Spanish mountain cheese
\N \N Wild roquette
\N \N Cucumber
\N \N Preserved chillies
\N \N Tomatoes
1 \N Full fat yoghurt
\N \N Salad
\N \N Red wine
\N \N Honey
\N \N Lavender

Slice the kid into thin slices. Marinade the kid in red wine and honey overnight. Chargrill on griddle. Meanwhile, blend picos blue into yoghurt until thick but smooth dressing has been formed.

Pick and was roquette, slice cucumbers. Seed and chop tomatoes and chillies. Spread the bread out flat and scatter with salad. Lay slices of kid on top and dress with blue cheese dressing. Roll tightly into a Swiss roll, trim and serve by slicing diagonally.

Serve with salad.

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