Turkey cutlets with fruit sauce for 2 people

Yield: 2 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 \N Turkey Breasts; (Ask the butcher to put them through the tenderizing machine.)
4 \N Green onions; sliced including the green stems.
2 tablespoons Cranberry Sauce *See note below.
½ cup Mandarin oranges canned in light syrup with some juice
¼ cup White dry wine

In my never ending attempt to create good low fat recipes, I came up with this one. One of the reasons I rarely post is because I don't measure ingredients, but this turned out so well that I will attempt to put measurements. I made this last evening for my husband and myself. He liked it a lot.

Saute onions in pan sprayed with pam type spray in non stick pan. Set aside when done. Put a small amount of oil (olive and canola) in pan that onions were cooked in. Lightly dust the cutlets with seasoned flour. Brown on each side. Remove cutlets when they are done. Add the wine and ¼ cup of orange juice and deglaz the pan. Next add the cranberry sauce and cook down.

Lastly add the oranges and turkey cutlets and cook as to warm the turkey.

Remove cutlets and pour sauce over each serving. Serve with rice and enjoy.

I made a rice and added sauted vegetables.

The cranberry sauce that I used is actually a jellied type put out by Santa Fe Seasons and has a nice kick to it, which really makes the dish. I bought it at a speciality store. You could use cranberry sauce and add a little minced jalapeno pepper and probably get close. These measurements are not set in stone, so if you like more of one ingredient it will still work.

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