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Strainer: Having a small strainer on hand can mean the difference between a rough-textured sauce and a rich smooth one; easier to use for small jobs than a full-size strainer; also great for sifting powders or spices over foods or plate rims.

Mold: Available in all shapes and sizes in kitchen shops, molds can be as simple as a cup or a glass you already have on your shelf; great for molding rice, couscous or other starches for polished presentations.

Squeeze Bottle: You know those lovely squiggles you see dressing up plates in restaurants and magazines? All it takes is a simple squeeze bottle and a squeezable smooth sauce.

Zester-Stripper: Use to create long strips of citrus zest, or fine shreds of zest for sprinkling; strips of zest can 'tie" bundles of asparagus or green beans.

Slotted Spoons: These are important for helping to drain off excess liquid from vegetables and garnishes before adding them to the plate.

Chinese style ladle-strainers are also a versatile option.

Tiny Cutters: Often called "aspic cutters", these can be used to cut eye-catching shapes from cooked egg white, bell peppers, cheese or citrus zest.

Simply Seafood

Fall 1995

Submitted By DIANE LAZARUS On 11-13-95

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