There's a coleslaw for every taste

Yield: 1 servings

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CABBAGE: This is the no #1 pick for coleslaw. It has yellow-white to green leaves with a distinctive flavor and crunchy texture.

RED CABBAGE: A crisp and stylish addition slaws; has deeppurple color and sweet flavor. The may bleed when mixed with other ingredients, causing a slightly blush tint.

MOTE: Caraway Seeds can be added to all cabbage but they are particularly good with red cabbage. Add 1 - 2 tablespoons when cooking the cabbage. When cooked, drain carefully so they are not lost, and toss with butter.

SAVOY: This variety can be used in place of, or in combinations with red or green cabbage. It has crinkly, pale blue-green leaves and a sweet, mellow-flavor.

NAPA CABBAGE: Compact, barrel-shaped and broadly ribbed this variety has a uniform yellow-white color and mild cabbage taste with succulent texture.

CELERY CABBAGE: Tall and cylindrical with pale yellow-green leaves; this type of cabbage has a mild mustard tang.

BOK CHOY CABBAGE: This Oriental variety has crisp light green stalks with wide, deep-green stalks with pale yellow-green leaves; this type of cabbage has mild mustard tang.

Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune, Food Section, 8/31/95 Brought to you and yours via Nancy O'Brion and her Meal-Master.

Submitted By NANCY O'BRION On 09-07-95

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