Survival brisket of beef

Yield: 12 Servings

Measure Ingredient
5 pounds Brisket; lean, first cut
¼ cup Water;
2 larges Onions; peeled and sliced
4 \N Stalks celery; cut in 1/2\" slices
12 ounces Bottled chili sauce;
4 \N Cloves garlic; peeled and chopped
2 \N Bay leaves;
½ cup Firmly packed brown sugar;
⅓ cup Dijon mustard;
¼ cup Soy sauce;
¼ cup Red wine vinegar;
3 tablespoons Molasses;
12 ounces Beer;
½ teaspoon Paprika;
\N \N Salt and pepper; to taste
4 \N Potatoes; peeled and sliced, simmered for 15 mins
1 large Reynolds Oven Cooking Bag;

Preheat the oven to 325° with the rack in the lower third but NOT in the bottom position. Place the brisket in the cooking bag, and place the bag in a shallow roasting pan large enough to hold it comfortably. Add the water, onions, celery, chili sauce, garlic, bay leaves, brown sugar, mustard, soy sauce, vinegar, molasses and beer to the bag. Seal the bag and puncture the top in several places with a knife. Bake for 3 hours.

At the end of the cooking time, remove the pan from the oven and let the brisket cool slightly. Cut open the bag and remove the meat. Pour the sauce into a metal bowl.

Discard the bay leaves. Place the sauce in the refrigerator or freezer until cold and the fat congeals on top. Slice the meat and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Skim the fat off the sauce, then place the sauce and the meat in a casserole or heatproof serving dish. Add the paprika and the precooked potatoes, coer and reheat on top of the stove or in the oven at 400° for 20 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste.

This can be made the day before. Slice the meat, cover and refrigerate.

Before reheating skim the hardened fat off the cooking liquid. Layer the meat and liquid in a pan, cover and heat in a 350° oven for 30 minutes or until hot. Using the same method, this can be frozen. Consider freezing in single-serving portions.

Source: _The Kitchen Survival Guide_ by Lora Brody.

‹‹‹‹‹ Notes: Don't be put off by the long list of ingredients. Once you're done shopping, there isn't much work to do. The preparation is straightforward, the cleanup almost non-existant (due to the use of a cooking bag), and the result is delicious. This makes a lot, which is good because you'll be glad for any leftovers. Brisket sandwiches, hash Š yum!! Per serving: 398 Calories; 14g Fat (34% calories from fat); 41g Protein; 23g Carbohydrate; 117mg Cholesterol; 627mg Sodium Posted to TNT Recipes Digest by ilenewar@... on Feb 11, 1998

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