Stuffing (vegan)

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 cup Onions; chopped
½ cup Onions; pureed
2 cups Celery; chopped
1 cup Celery; pureed
1 cup Carrots; chopped or grated
1 pounds Mushrooms; or 8oz canned mushrooms, sliced
2 tablespoons Dried parsely
1 teaspoon Old bay seasoning
\N \N ;black pepper to taste
\N \N ;ground sage to taste
1 large Bag pepperidge farms whole wheat/white bread stuffing cubes, the ones with no seasoning
\N \N Veg broth to add moisture if needed 1-2c

Heat onions, celery, shrooms and spices in a large pot until it all boils. Simmer about 5-10 mins or until the chopped onions are translucent. Cool for 10 mins, then add stuffing mix.

Mix well, adding broth if necessary for moisture. Place in a big covered baking dish and cook in a preheated 350 oven for 30 mins.

Take cover off during last 10-15 mins to crisp top.

Lucinda's notes: This is a very sticky, moist stuffing--just how I like it. Those of you who prefer the top to be crispy can bake it uncovered for the last few mins, OR broil the top til crispy.

You can probably add some of the vegetarian Italian sausage that comes in links browned first for a more traditional taste. Add chopped apples, chopped spiach, or any other vegetable you like can probably be added. Even my father in law, diehard New Englander and meat-and-potatoes man, liked this.

Recipe posted by Lucinda Rasmussen on the internet Typed by Lisa Greenwood

Submitted By LISA GREENWOOD On 11-11-95

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