Stuffed ripe olives

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
6 ounces Jumbo ripe olives; canned, pitted
¼ cup Italian dressing
1 bunch Green onions

Drain olives and marinate at room temperature in dressing for one hour or more, turning to coat on all sides. Cut green onions into one-inch pieces.

Slash one end of each piece to make a fringe.

Soak onions in ice water while olives are marinating., Drain onions and olives. Stuff each olive with an onion, fringed end sticking out.

Yeild: Serves 10 to 12

Recipe by: The Army Time Magazine/Nov. 13, 1978 Posted to MC-Recipe Digest by "abprice@..." <abprice@...> on Apr 13, 1998

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