Stuffed crabs

Yield: 375 servings

Measure Ingredient
19 mediums Crabs
4 tablespoons Shortening
½ cup Chopped green onion
2 cups Bread crumbs, divided
½ cup Chopped celery
¼ cup Minced parsley
1 teaspoon Salt
½ teaspoon Black pepper
¼ teaspoon Red pepper

Butter or margarine

Scald crabs and remove shells. Clean and place about six of the shells in boiling water to which a bit of soda has been added. Let remain for about 10 minutes. Then remove and scrub shells, clean thoroughly, wash in clear water, and set aside to drain. Remove meat from crabs. Put shortening into deep frying pan and heat. Add onion, and cook slightly. Add 1-½ cups bread crumbs chopped celery, parsley, crabmeat, and seasoning, mixing as added. Cook slowly over low heat for about 5 minutes, then put mixture into clean shells to bake.

Put bread crumbs on top of each, and dot with butter or margarine. Bake at 375 until top is browned. Yield: 6

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