Spicy cajun-creole-carribean chicken with penne

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
5 larges Cloves garlic
\N \N Fresh herbs from the garden or the grocer: marjoram; oregano, thyme, savory basil *
1 \N Red pepper
1 \N Yellow pepper
1 \N Green pepper
1 cup Red Onion; about
\N \N Extra Shallots if you have them hanging around
\N \N Poblano Chilis; (though probably nothing spicier) if you have those
1 cup Diced Tomatoes; about, up to 2
\N \N Olive Oil
\N \N Good white wine **
\N \N Paul Prudhome's Cajun Seasoning ***
\N \N Louisiana Blackened Fish Seasoning ***
\N \N Paul Prudhomme's Blackened Steak Seasoning ***
\N \N Pam Olive Oil Spray or Clarified butter
\N \N Garam masala; a pinch or so
4 \N Chicken Breasts
\N \N Penne Pasta
¼ \N Stick Butter

* Don't ask me how much each I picked these out of my garden but probaby around ¾ of a teaspoon - a teaspoon each of the small leafed plants, 3 -4 leaves of the larger leafed plants ** Chardonnay, or Sauvignon Blanc but I'm really fussy about cooking wine, I suppose a dry chablis would work <g> Be prepared to use most of the bottle in the cooking

*** (for any of the above three seasonings, use whatever is substituted in your area.... but try to avoid anything with msg in it... you never know when you'll suddenly develop an allergy to it, as my husband regretfully found!)

Get your outside grill going and put the Dear Husband to work....

Mince up the garlic and herbs in a mini food processor if you have one, but if not, mince finely Dice all the peppers, onion and Tomato Saute all of these ingredients in Olive oil for awhile, cooking down with white wine as soon as you start to loose moisture, just keep adding white wine...

While doing this, sprinkle in Paul Prudhomme's cajun seasoning to your desired intensity, *warning - Flavors will soritize, don't do it all at ONCE!*, some Blackened Fish cajun seasoning, and I added about ½ teaspoon garam masala.

On a low heat, keep cooking down with the wine, adding salt and pepper and the seasonings as you go... I did this about an hour to an hour and a half.

Spray Chicken Breasts with Pam Olive Oil spray or brush with clarified butter and sprinkle each breast with the blackening seasoning.

As soon as the Grill is up to speed, about an 45 to an hour into this, put breasts on the grill and cook through. When you put the chicken on, heat a pot of water to boiling for the Penne.

Take chicken off the grill, and slice, adding it to the pepper saute which you have on a low simmer....toss with mixture in the pan and simmer until penne is ready, about 5 minutes... in this time add the butter to thicken the sauce.

Drain Pasta, mix pepper/chicken combination in with it and toss and serve.

Serve with a salad or bread with olive oil and Enjoy! Posted to CHILE-HEADS DIGEST by Tantrika <hummer13@...> on Jun 05, 1999, converted by MM_Buster v2.0l.

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