Sparkle pins

Yield: 1 Pin

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Pattern
\N \N Felt
\N \N Sequins
\N \N Other embellishments
\N \N Pin backing
\N \N Hot glue and glue gun
\N \N Stuffing
\N \N Scissors or pinking shears


Continuing with the holiday theme, Suzanne and Carol create sparkly pins from nothing more than felt pieces, sequins, and a safety pin. The pins can be made in a shape appropriate for Christmas, such as a heart or a Christmas tree, or other holidays.

Steps: 1. Use a prepackaged pattern or one of your own design. With scissors or pinking shears, cut out two copies of the pattern from felt.

2. Sew sequins around the outside of the design, and add other desired embellishments in the center of the pin.

3. Sew the two pieces together, fill in the middle with stuffing, and glue a pin to the back.

HGTV - The Carol Duvall Show

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