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Q: I've got a recipe calling for light soy sauce. What is this, and how does it differ from regular soy sauce? A: There are three broad classes: light, medium and dark.

Light soy sauce is comparatively pale (amber) in color and has a thin consistency and subtle flavor. (Light soy is not to be confused with "Lite" or reduced-sodium soy sauce).

Medium soy sauce - the standard kind found in markets and on the tables of most Chinese restaurants - has a deep brown color and a more intense taste.

Dark soy sauce is the Japanese version. It is also called heavy soy sauce or tamari soy. It is thicker and more potent than the other two.

Recipes that call for light soy sauce usually have a delicate color or flavor, either of which could be slightly sullied by regular soy sauce. But the difference is extremely nuanced, and regular soy sauce, if you can't get to an Asian market to buy the light kind, will yield a perfectly adequate dish.

SOURCE: St Louis, Mo Postnet Cooking Tips Posted: Monday, March 29, 1999

NOTES : What is iight soy sauce? Recipe by: St Louis Post 1999

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