Some tips on seafood cooking

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Some Tips on Seafood Cooking

* Rubbing lemon on your fingers before handling fish will prevent odors from lingering on them.

* Include a slice of lemon with the water when boiling or poaching.

Not only does this help prevent the fish from falling apart, it enhances the flavor.

* Try to use as much of the fish as possible. You can flake the cooked fish from the skin and bones and use it in recipes that call for flaked or canned fish.

* When baking or broiling, line the pan with foil. This makes cleanup easier.

* Avoid overheating smoked fish. Remember that it is already cooked.

Overheating can make it dry and tough.

* When storing fish in a refrigerator, always cover it tightly.

* Be sure to keep stored fish frozen until you use it.

* Use kitchen scissors when trimming crusts from bread.

* Avoid leaving thawing fish in cold water too long. This can ruin its flavor.

* Be sure to cook fish at the recommended temperatures for the proper length of time, as called for in the recipe. Failure to do so can destroy its taste.

: About the Author

Adam Starchild has combined business travel with discovering the delights of native dishes from Hawaii and Hong Kong to Russia and the Caribbean. He is the author of The Seafood Heritage Cookbook (Cornell Maritime Press), co-author of another seafood cookbook, and the author of a number of food and cooking articles.

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