Smoked salmon packages

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Smoked salmon slices; 2-3 per person
\N \N Green onion; but of the smaller kind, In Hebrew it is called Irit, I think that in English it is either scallions or chives
\N \N Scrambled eggs; (this is what Hilton used, but obviously this cannot be prepared ahead)
\N \N Mixture of ground hard cheese with seasonings
\N \N Egg salad
\N \N Tuna salad
\N \N Fried mushrooms


Note: for fillings, use about 3 tbs per slice.

Source: Me and Hilton

Everybody that knows me will be tickled to learn that I actually give out ideas about fish - I am not a fish person. However, here is an idea of mine, which is an adaptation of something I saw once in the coffee shop at Hilton Tel Aviv (thank you Hilton). It is a little patchkeray (messing around, for those not fluent in Yiddish), but very impressing, can be made ahead and not difficult. The catch is that good salmon, as I explained previously, is hard to come by in Israel... But hey, nobody is perfect.

Spoon about 3 tbs of filling (depends on size of slices) on each salmon slice.

Take all four corners of salmon slice, and join them. The salmon will be shaped like a sac.

Close sac with one or more "thread" of onion by tying it around the joined corners.

Serve on a platter 2-3 sacs, and garnish with finely chopped onions, capers, parsley sprigs.

Of course, Hilton served this with toast slices.

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