Scrambled duck egg

Yield: 4 servings

Measure Ingredient
4 Fresh duck eggs
2 larges Hens eggs
3 tablespoons Water; chilled
5 Turns white pepper
2 tablespoons Clarified unsalted butter
4 Heaped tsp caviar; (Beluga or Sevruga)
4 Cleaned duck egg shells

Whisk together the four duck eggs and the 2 hens eggs with the chilled water and the white pepper. Heat the clarified butter in a thick-bottomed pan, pour in the egg mixture and stir constantly with a spatula until a creamy, thick and soft scramble is achieved. Do not overcook the eggs as this stage, as the flamb‚ will finish them off. Spoon the scrambled egg into the clean, empty shells and level off with the back of a knife. Spoon on the caviar and dome up neatly.

To serve, pour a little warmed vodka into a serving plate, stand the egg in the middle, flamb‚. Serve with a glass of iced vodka.

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