Sauce chien

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 \N Garlic clove(s), finely chopped
¼ teaspoon Salt plus more to taste
½ \N Chilies such as Scotch Bonnet seeds and stems removed finely chopped
1 small Shallot; finely chopped
1 tablespoon Chives or scallion greens finely chopped
1 tablespoon Parsley; finely chopped
1 tablespoon Cilantro; finely chopped
½ teaspoon Thyme, chopped or
⅛ teaspoon Dried thyme
\N \N Freshly ground pepper
2 tablespoons Lime juice plus more to taste
2 tablespoons Olive oil
\N \N Salt

In a small bowl, mash garlic and salt into a paste with the back of a spoon. Whisk in chilies, shallots, chives or scallions, parsley, cilantro (if using), thyme, pepper and lime juice. Slowly whisk in oil, then add enough water, 2-3 tbs, to obtain a pourable sauce.

Adjust the seasonings with salt and lime juice. Let dressing stand at room temperature. Can be prepared up to 1 day in advance and stored, covered, in the refrigerator.

Eating Well February 1995

Submitted By DIANE LAZARUS On 02-07-95

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