Roast camel

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N An umbrella
8 ounces Glass lemonade, or favorite
\N \N Cool refreshment
\N \N Really long, boring book
1 \N Pair binoculars
1 \N Pair of tweezers and/or
\N \N Latex gloves
1 \N Toothpick (per camel)
\N \N Match or lighter

First, pick a nice spot in the desert in which to sit and wait. (It should be noted that waiting is the most time-consuming element of this dish.) Arrange yourself in the sand, with the umbrella placed so that it blocks the harsh desert sun. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids.

Before long, it is certain that a camel will wander into the picture.

Now, camels are not particularly social creatures, so it is very important that you pique the beast's interest by engrossing yourself in the long, boring book. The camel, being a literate, if modest being, will naturally be very curious. If you make enough facial expressions and 'hmm, interesting's, the camel's fascination will be aroused to the point that it decides to read the book over your shoulder. Now, the book being as boring as it is, and the sun beating down so unrelentlessly, said camel will soon doze off.

At this point, you must move quickly and quietly. Without disturbing the snoozing dromedary or bactrian, gaze at it through the large end of the binoculars. The camel will, of course, be very small. Pick the camel up GENTLY with the tweezers (sterilized) or the gloves, so as not to contaminate the food, and roast it over the match flame.

Place on toothpick (preferably the kind with that cute little frilly thing on top) for presentation. Note This also works with alligators and things that would prefer to eat you before you eat them. It does not, repeat--NOT-- work with iguanas.

*addendum* Further, when offerring the your guest the camel, it is courtesy to ask, "One hump or two?" original post: amanda toering addendum by: Marc Green Submitted By JULIE GLEITSMANN On 09-20-95

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