Refried beans (john hartman)

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
Really, I don't think most people make their own refried
Beans from scratch, but have you priced cans of them lately?
Whew!! We make them up in 4-5 pound batches and freeze them.
Cook 4 or five pounds of pinto or red beans until very
Tender. Then add salt to taste and good ol' lard. I will put in
Maybe four or five heaping tablespoons full. Let the batch
Simmer for a while until a taste test tells you that the flavors
Are blended. Some people like to ad about a teaspoon of ground
Cumin as well. It does add a distinctive flavor. After the
Beans are done, heat a deep iron skillet with lard. When
Smoking, add beans. Mash with an old fashioned potato masher,
The ones that look like a German hand grenade. If you do not
Have one, use a peanut butter jar with a metal lid. Turn upside
Down and pretend it's an old fashioned masher. It works
Marvelously well in a pinch. Mash the beans until they begin to
Peel away from the skillet on their own and are smooth in


texture. Then they are done. Serve with a thin slice of mild cheddar or colby on top of each serving. The cheese will begin to melt and string. Yum! Ain't kosher, but it's good! We freeze the cooked beans without mashing them and do that part when we make a new batch.

Submitted By PAT STOCKETT On 09-17-95

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