Purse of crab meat and lobster

Yield: 1 -2 serving

Measure Ingredient
\N \N 5 gm Small pancake (4\"x4\")
\N \N 60 gm Lobster meat (diced)
\N \N 30 gm Crab meat
\N \N 5 gm Chopped onions
\N \N 3 gm Chopped garlic
15 millilitres White wine
30 millilitres Double cream
1 millilitre Tabasco sauce
2 millilitres Chopped parsley
\N \N 5 gm Capsicum (juliennes)
\N \N 5 gm Onions (juliennes)
\N \N 10 gm Cucumber (juliennes)
\N \N 5 gm Carrots
\N \N 5 gm Beetroot
\N \N 10 gm Tomatoes
30 millilitres Japonaise Dressing
\N \N Butter
\N \N Oil for the deep frying

Heat butter in a heavy bottom pan. Add the garlic and the chopped onion.

Cook for a few minutes. Do not brown. Add in the diced lobster and cook till all the moisture evaporates. Drain the water from the crab meat and add it into the pan alongwith the white wine. Reduce the wine completely, and add in the double cream. Cook till the cream becomes thick, add in the tabasco and the chopped parsley - mix thoroughly. Check seasonging. Remove from the fire and let it cool. Divide the lobster mixture into 5 equal sizes and place them on the centre of each pancake. Hold together all the four corners of the pancake and tie tightly. Fry these bags at moderate heat until golden. Meanwhile mix together all the julienned vegetables and place them on one side of on one side of the serving dish. Arrange the fried bags on a plate and pour the dressing (below) and pour the dressing over the julienned vegetables.

Japonaise Dressing

250 ml Salad oil

65 ml Red wine vinegar

25 ml Tomato ketchup 50 gm Finely chopped onions 50 gm Finely chopped carrots 10 gm Finely chopped garlic 10 gm Crushed pepper corn 15 gm French Mustard

50 ml Japanese Soya sauce Salt to taste Place all the dry ingridients in a mixing bowl. Mix in the soya sauce, mustard and vinegar slowly and slowly pour in the oil, beating with a whisk. And its done.

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