Prosperity yu sheng salad

Yield: 4 servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N The Singapore Food Festival Gala Dinner Menu


(See Tender veal Satay recipe for the complete menu) INGREDIENTS 200 gms (Thinly sliced) fresh salmon fillet 200 gms (finely julienne) young carrots 200 gms (finely julienne) green turnip 200 gms (finely julienne) white turnip 160 gms (shredded into pieces) pamelo segment 160 gms (cut into fine strips) mango ACCOMPANIMENTS pickled ginger pickled onions Pickled Green Papaya (all thinly sliced 40 gms) Candied Winter Melon Candied Fruits Pamelo Leaves SEASONING 8 1 Fresh local Lime pinch Cinnamon Powder pinch White Pepper GARNISH 1½ tsp Toasted White Sesame Seeds 2 tbs Toasted, ground Peanuts 4 tbs crisp fritters 2 sprigs (julienne) spring onions 2 sprigs fresh coriander leaves DRESSING 160 ml Sour Plum sauce METHOD OF PREPARATION 1. Soak the julienne of vegetables in cold ice water for half an hour until they are crisp in texture. Pat dry with clean paper towel and set aside with a mixing bowl. 2. Pre-slice the Salmon fillet and fold the Salmon into rosettes. Next, arrange the Salmon rose onto the plate with accompaniments and the tossed salad with Mango slice. 3. Add in the seasoning and the dressing. 4. Sprinkle with sesame seeds, peanuts, crisp fritters, spring onion and coriander leaves to serve.

Submitted By SHERREE JOHANSSON On 10-14-94

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