Primary hull snax

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Cut crust and sufficient additional off slice of bread to create
\N \N Circular disk as large as possible. Butter both sides. Cut a two inch
\N \N Circular hole in the center.

In frying pan melt butter and spread around with spatular.Leaving pan on low heat, place bread in pan. Leave for about one minute.

Carefully crack one egg ove the bread disk so that the yoke rests in the central hole. When egg/bread browns on bottom, trun over with spatula and fry top side until done. Add salt, pepper or seasonings to taste. Serve on small plate. [TCM Note: This one is actually good and looks neat if you're careful and have a good nonstick cooking surface so the egg and bread slide off nicely.] Submitted By SHARON STEVENS On 7-09-95

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