Platter of party nibbles

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
25 grams St Ivel Utterly Butterly; (1oz)
4 slices White bread
\N \N Half a small Charentais melon
25 grams St Ivel Utterly Butterly; (1oz)
100 grams Peeled tiger prawns; (4oz)
5 millilitres Pesto; (1tsp)
2 \N Cherry tomatoes; wiped and quartered
5 millilitres Mild curry paste; (1tsp)
\N \N Fresh dill and flat leaf parsley
2 slices Parma ham
1 slice Lemon and a little grated lime
1 slice Smoked salmon rind

Place the slices of bread under a medium grill and toast on both sides until golden brown.

In a small bowl, mix the pesto with half the St Ivel Utterly Butterly until smooth. In another bowl, mix thoroughly the remaining St. Ivel Utterly Butterly with the curry paste.

Spread two of the slices of toast with St Ivel Utterly Butterly pesto mixture, and the remaining two slices with the St Ivel Utterly Butterly curry mixture.

Using a 3.5cm (1½ inch) round cutter, cut out four rounds from each of the two slices of toast, to give you eight rounds. Cut the remaining two slices into eight equal triangles, discarding each of the crusts.

Cut the Parma ham and smoked salmon into thin, equal strips, roll the smoked salmon into neat rolls. Discard the seeds from the melon and using a small melon baller, scoop out melon balls.

Top the rounds and triangles of each toast with a selection of Parma ham strip, rolls of smoked salmon, melon balls. Prawns and cherry tomato quarters. Garnish with the dill, parsley, lemon slices and lime rind.

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