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To Dawn Graham

I've worked in a pizza place for about 5 years..The way they make pizza dough is to use ½ High Gluten Flour, ½ Baker's flour, salt, oil, yeast, and water. Mix and let rise for 20 minutes, punch down, cut off about 16oz. for each pizza and roll loosely into a ball.

Place these balls of dough into to fridge for at least 1hr. (It helps to roll the balls in flour so they don't stick together).

At home I've used just Baker's flour with good results.I realize that this is'nt an exact receipe, I don't follow an exact one. If your dough is turning out more like bread, it's probaly just in the way you're letting the dough rise. Hope this helps.

Greg Lohstroh ERecipes 8/26/94 ~->Dave Sacerdote said to Dawn Graham on 9/6/94<-- When you use a low heat in your oven, it gives the dough too long a chance to rise and bake like bread. (That's fine, BTW, if you are looking for a thick, doughy crust - Sicilian-style pizza.) But if you want a nice, thin crust, you have to do like the pizza joints do and turn your oven all the way up. Keep an eye on the 'za, you only need it in there for about ten minutes at that heat.

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