Pinatisang manok

Yield: 4 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 x Chicken
2 tablespoons Pork lard
1 teaspoon Ginger root, cut into strips
½ cup Patis
1 x Handful of sili leaves

Cut chicken into serving pieces. In a heavy saucepan with cover, heat pork lard,. Saute ginger strips and add chicken pieces. Brown chicken pieces lightly and add patis. Cover pan tightly and lower flame.

Allow patis to be absorbed. Watch carefully to prevent the chicken from drying. If all patis is absorbed and chicken still isn't tender, add some chicken stock. There should be enough liquid. When chicken is tender, add sili leaves and continue cooking for two mins., more.

Serve hot. From: Cooking with Nora Nora V. Daza Typed by: Joell Abbott 9/94 From: Joell Abbott Date: 09-20-94

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