Personalized fortune cookies

Yield: 1 Servings

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Copyright (c) 1996 Virginia B. Sauer Personalized fortune cookies make wonderful favors ... They are made as you would any fortune cookie, but are dipped in chocolate and crushed brickle chips for added flavor, and contain fortunes you've selected just for those recipients.

1. Make cookie dough (following your favorite recipe, or one of those listed below).

2. Select fortunes tailored to your guests, or use favorite quotations about friendship, motivation, faith, et cetera. For a wedding, it could be a message from the couple, such as "Thank you for sharing this happy occasion with us! Tiffany and Kevin".

3. If you are writing the fortunes by hand, cut white or ivory paper into desired number of strips (e. g., 1½ x ¼ inch, or 3 inches x ½ inch, depending upon selected fortunes, the size of your writing, et cetera).

Otherwise, use your computer to print them in a pretty calligraphy-type font, and cut the paper after printing.

4. Place a fortune on each cookie. (If you want to splurge, add a scratch-off lottery ticket along with each fortune.) 5. Fold cookie in half. Holding points of folded cookie with both hands, place center of fold over edge of bowl and pull points downward to make a crease across center. Bake as directed in recipe.

6. Dip each cookie in melted chocolate (so that just outside is coated) 7. Either dip chocolate (still soft) in crushed brickle chips, decorate with little icing doves, wedding bells, brides, grooms, and/or hearts.

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