Fortune cookies #6

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 eaches Eggs
⅓ cup Honey
½ cup Unbleached flour
⅓ teaspoon Banana; or lemon extract
1 each Beat the eggs with the egg beater or the electric
Mixer for two minutes.
2 eaches Add the honey gradually to the eggs and beat for 10
3 eaches Slowly add the flour to the egg/honey mixture after


the 10 minutes of beating. Keep beating until the mixture is smooth.

4. Add the extract and beat for 2 more minutes. 5. Warm the frying pan over a low heat (or turn the electric grill on to low). 6. Drop the cookie batter by tablespoons into the frying pan or onto the electric grill. Make sure that you leave space between cookies; you don't want them running into each other in the pan. You will have to make several batches. 7. Toast the cookies about ½ minute on each side. Turn them over with the spatula. Keep cooking and turning them until they are light brown. This should only take a few minutes. 8.

As each panful is toasted and while the cookies are still hot, remove the cookies, place them on a clean surface and place a strip of your fortune telling paper into the center of each. Fold up* the cookies.

9. Put the cookies on a rack to cool. 10. Make another batch. Notes: FOLDING: This is a case of a picture being worth a thousand words, but the general idea is: 1. Fold the cookie in half, (with the fortune inside). 2. Bring the two "points/corners" together towards the back, as if you were going to fold into quarters, but keep the pancake flat. "You can have some fun with your family and friends with these cookies. Before you begin baking them, write out fortunes on 18 Small pieces of paper (about 1/2x1-½ inches). Set these aside within easy reach because you will be inserting them in the cookies as you make them. ++++-

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