Yield: 1 Batch

Measure Ingredient
2½ cup Flour, sifted
3 eaches Eggs
\N \N Date: 18 Nov 96

Sift flour into a mound on a warm (room-temperature) surface.

Make a fist-size crater in the mound. Crack the eggs into this crater.

Using a fork, beat the eggs until the yokes are broken and mixed.

Continue beating, gradually adding flour from the sides of the crater until the mixture is not runny. Begin mixing the entire with your bare hands, until the eggs are completely mixed in with the flour. If the ball is still sticky, add a small amount of flour.

Wrap the ball tightly in plastic wrap and clean up your work area.

Unwrap the ball and knead the dough: Push down, away from you with the heel of your hands. Grasp the point of dough furthest from your body and fold down towards you. Rotate the dough 90 degrees and repeat. Continue kneading until the dough is smooth (about 10-15 minutes).

Wrap the dough tightly and set aside for 20 minutes.

At this point, the dough is finished. You may either run it through a pasta press, or use a rolling pin to flatten and knife to cut the pasta. From: Bryan Hanks

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