Panch phora (harvey day)

Yield: 1 recipe

Measure Ingredient
\N \N White Cummin seeds
\N \N Aniseed
\N \N Fenugreek Seeds
\N \N Mustard Seeds
\N \N Black Cummin =OR=-
\N \N Mustard Seed
\N \N Aniseed
\N \N White Cummin
\N \N Cassia leaves
\N \N Red Chillies

Mix together either set of five spices in equal quantities.

Panch Phora needn't be ground; more often than not it isn't, but one or two teaspoons are added to chopped or diced vegetables. The usual method is to slice an onion or two finely, fry in fat, add vegetables and panch phora, cover with water then simmer till the vegetables are soft. Then eat with either rice or poorees, with or without pickle or chutney. Panch phora, if added to stews or plain boiled vegetables, will give them a distinctive aroma and a pleasant unusual flavour.

Many who never accustom themselves either to the richness or pungency of curries like the addition of panch phora to their food. Taken from The Complete Book of Curries- Harvey Day ISBN 0 7182 1134 0 Submitted By IAN HOARE On 05-09-95

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