Pacific rim chicken

Yield: 6 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 large Onion; finely chopped
1 large Green bell pepper; chopped
4 larges Chicken breast halves w/o skin and fat; (to 5) about 3.5 lbs
1 can (8 oz) crushed pineapple in juice
¾ cup Chicken broth (defatted) low-sodium or regular
¼ cup Dry sherry
2 tablespoons Soy sauce, low sodium
1 tablespoon Light brown sugar; packed
2 teaspoons Rice vinegar
½ teaspoon Ground ginger
½ teaspoon Salt; optional
¼ teaspoon Black pepper
1⅓ cup Long-grain rice cooked as directed

Recipe by: Skinny One-Pot Meals - ISBN 0-940625-75-X In large crock pot, combine onion and green pepper. Arrange chicken over vegetables.

In medium bowl combine pineapple and juice, broth, sherry, soy sauce, brown sugar, vinegar, ginger, salt, if desired, and black pepper.

Stir to mix. Pour over chicken. Cover and cook on high 1 hour. Reduce heat to low, stir chicken into sauce, and cook an additional 5 to 6 hours or until chicken is done.

Remove and reserve chicken in medium bowl. Transfer liquid and vegetables to saucepan. Quickly boil down sauce, stirring frequently, to thicken slightly.

Meanwhile, slice chicken meat. Arrange rice on serving platter.

Arrange chicken slices over rice. Pour sauce over all.

NUTRITIONAL DATA (based on 6 servings): Per Serving: Calories 421 Fat (gm) 4.9 Sat. fat (gm) 1⅖ Cholesterol (mg) 107 Sodium (mg) 277 Protein (gm) 43 Carbohydrate (gm) 45 % Calories from fat 11

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